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I have a 2001 2 wheel drive v6 have the right to anyone phone call me whereby the Crankshaft place sensor place is on this Thanks

According to my "04 service manual:The crankshaft position sensor (OBD) is located on the transmissionhousing dealing with the equipment teeth (cogs) that the flywheel or journey plate. Itdetects the fluctuation that the engine revolution.The sensor consists of a permanent magnet, core and coil.Looks to be on the driver"s side in the direction of the height (at around 11 o"clock).There are organization manuals digital if you require a picture.
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What about the location on a 2001 supercharged. My van is stalling and jerking bad when it"s running until it shuts off. No password pulled yet it"s sitting in a parking lot

Literally on optimal of the transmission, where it meets the engine because that a V6 non-supercharged. Might be the very same for you? my Chiltons hand-operated implies it"s in the same place for every 4 cylinder and V6 model.

It"s a pains to get to uneven you have really skinny and long arms! You can see it v the driver"s former wheel well if you eliminate the wheel, but one generally replaces that from the bottom that the vehicle, with the opened by the driver"s next of the transmission. Being 2WD, it must make that a lot easier since you don"t have a former driveshaft in the way. The sensor will have actually a tiny heat shield approximately it if the hasn"t to be taken off and thrown away, already, and it"s hosted in by a single bolt through a 10MM head. Be cautious not to break the plastic exploit connector to it!
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