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2000-2010 Ford expedition Fuel Inertia switch Reset place – The exploration is a full-size SUV created by Ford since 1997. Introduced in 1997 to change the Ford Bronco, the was initially placed in the Ford range, including the smaller Ford Explorer and the larger Ford Excursion. Since 2005, v the tap the money of the latter, the Expedition became the SUV with towing capacity and off-road features, bigger than the Ford. To get over the withdrawal of the Excursion, that was presented a variation of the Expedition, the EL / Max model.

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Ford provided for the an initial time the name “Expedition” in 1995 because that a manufacturing of the traveler Sport. Until 2009 every the expedition were manufactured in Wayne, Michigan. From this date, the manufacturing was relocated to Louisville, Kentucky, due to the fact that the Ford convert the manufacturing lines that the tree in Wayne for the assembly of the Focus.


Fuel pump shut-off (inertia) switch is a device that stop the fuel pump of the fuel shipment to the engine. If her engine cranks but does not start, this switch may have actually been activated. Here’s just how to find and reset the switch:On 2000 2001 2002 Ford Expedition, the fuel pump shut-off switch is located behind the right reduced kick panel trim. When On 2003-2006 Ford Expedition located in the left rear 4 minutes 1 trim panel, near the liftgate. The move is situated behind an access panel. And also on the 2008-2010 years model is located behind an accessibility panel in the left rear quarter trim panel, near the liftgate.
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I typed in exactly how to replace and also all I obtain is location. I recognize where it’s at. Ns know how to reset. I have to know exactly how to readjust it. What do I must take turn off to get it out.

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