here is the ar of the crankshaft sensor which is in the bellhousing the the transmission. Inspect out the diagrams (Below). Please let us recognize what happens.

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that the CPS?Seems mine jeep runs fine then every one of the suddens its just shuts off, going at 40-50 MPH just completely shuts off, no sputter and also shakes, simply shuts off.I placed the jeep in neutral to uncover a safe ar to park, then at some time I have the right to restart right away then other times its takes 5-10 minutes to restart.Im reasoning its the Crankshaft place Sensor.Where is this piece? i would like to replace it.Thanks

top top left next of infection bellhousing


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I have actually a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport with a 6 cylinder engine. Recently, I have had problems when I have actually driven the in warm weather. Several times, after I have stopped the car and also turned that off, I have been can not to restart it. Once, the engine cut out on me when driving. The one time it reduced out top top me if driving, it was a very hot day and also I had been control for around an hour increase a mountain. I had a mechanic inspect the battery and also the alternator, and both were simply fine, no troubles at all there. I assumed it might be vapor lock and have do the efforts lifting the hood and placing wet rags ~ above the gas lines, i beg your pardon has worked all yet once which was the same time that the engine reduced out ~ above me if driving. I had a mechanic carry out a computer diagnostic, which indicated that the crankshaft sensor is sometimes not registering. The mechanic claimed that if the crankshaft sensor is no registering, the computer will not enable the engine to begin or to proceed running. I asked the mechanic to change the sensor at the time, but he could not get the component and i was far away native home. We waited a couple of hours until things cooled off and then i was able to begin the vehicle again and drive home. This has happened at least fifty percent a dozen times over the previous 2 months and each time it has actually happened in incredibly hot weather this summer. (I haven"t had actually this difficulty in previous summers.) I have actually a few questions:1. If this is vapor lock, why does that usually occur after I have actually turned the automobile off?2. Is this something resulted in by the heat, or is it just a coincidence the this has developed on the hottest job this summer?3. Can this be resulted in by a faulty crankshaft sensor or go the crankshaft sensor come to be faulty since of this?4. Have to I be looking somewhere else in the engine or electric areas? 5. What deserve to I execute to solve this? (If you have much more than one idea or suggestion, please let me know.)