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my check engine light camer on so ns scanned the computer and also it claimed EGR excesive flow. The truck runs fine placed the male told me my egr valve is probaly no seeted properly or that is leeting to lot air in the air/fuel mixture. Is this a big problem. I should clean it maybe soak it in cleaner if anybody knows whereby it is can u take it a picture or tell me what to execute thanks

When you gain a code for too much flow, the EGR valve is not the problem. 99.9% of the moment that password is brought about by a faulty DPFE sensor that procedures the EGR flowrate. A new one costs about $40~60.
More info around your truck will certainly be helpful..The OHV its top top the driver side, I"m no sure about the SOHC.
i have a 2002 edge 4.0 think that is a sohc not sure, but do i have actually to gain the component from ford or have the right to i order the threw favor autozone or something uneven u recognize a good website,faulty DPFE sensor, wherein is the sensor located and also is it difficult to fix, therefore if i get the brand-new sensor and also erase the code v the scanner that should remove the examine engine light?
Drive it its ok. The fuel economy will be lower tho.For those that recognize is this the correct part?,ca...,parttype,5088My truck has no EGR, therefore I"m no sure.
Drive it its ok. The fuel economic climate will be reduced tho.For those that know is this the exactly part?,ca...,parttype,5088My truck has no EGR, for this reason I"m no sure.
make sure once you obtain a brand-new one you obtain the plastic one, perform not gain the steel one or girlfriend will have the same trouble you have actually now a few years under the road.
i have a 2002 leaf 4.0 think its a sohc not sure, however do i have actually to acquire the component from ford or deserve to i order the threw choose autozone or something unless u understand a an excellent website,faulty DPFE sensor, wherein is the sensor located and also is it tough to fix, therefore if i get the new sensor and also erase the code through the scanner that should get rid of the check engine light?
Yes, if it"s a 2002 4.0, climate it is SOHC.You deserve to buy the component at many auto parts stores although part incorrectly contact it one "EGR place Sensor". Personally, I would buy the real Ford component if I needed one.A 2002 DPFE sensor is tube placed and an extremely easy come change. The is commonly black and around an inch square and also looks something choose this generic picture:

most that the OEM DPFE sensors are made out of aluminum, lock corrode and get every nasty inside (being the reason they walk bad).i have actually seen my dad replace ALOT of these.. And also every time they get replaced v the new updated plastic sensor.
i think ur egr doohickey is near the top of the engine next to the large plastic thing that states 4.0 ~ above it, in various other rangers that rusty and also looks l shaped just for referral - ns painted mine black.

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if any type of one it s okay bored and also wants to take a pic that it you re welcome do, right understand its a ache in the *** to getmy prior clip off, so ill wait till ns buy the part.

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