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Hey guys, long time no talk. Freshly my heater core in mine Ranger take it a dump. I need to replace it together it is still cold in CT. How hard are this to replace??? has actually anyone done it and can anyone offer any kind of tips and also hints??? I have to do this Monday, together it appears to it is in a warmth wave work in ct, a whole 42 degrees.

yep, gotta traction the dash. I would disconnect the steering obelisk right close to the floor plank on the inside, and the wiring at the firewall. From there, there are 1 or 2 bolts on the passenger door jam, and same top top the driver"s. Ns can"t remember exactly how many. Other is telling me two. Lock are large and gold colored. Pop the defrost panel turn off at the windshield, and also there are three or four much more bolts up there. Pull the a-pillars, and also you should be able to slide the dash ago and set it top top the seats. I wouldn"t take it anything rather apart uneven you have to.

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Hello folks ns am in the process of changing out heater main point in a 2002 Ranger. That is leaking and also the smell of antifreeze is pour it until it is full the cab alone through smoke the clouding increase the windows. I watched around 6 videos on YouTube and also got a basic idea of the task. Ns then walk to acquire a calculation to have it changed and the labor price was $600. I determined to adjust it out through the assist of mine 21 yr. Old university grandson. Ns made a numbered perform of the actions I discovered on line. I also bought a load of document cups come label and hold the bolts from every step and also kept castle in line together I take it them out. I won"t encompass each step, you can go come YouTube and also get that. Sample the my suffer is: 1. Remove cables native batteries. 2. Drainpipe anti freeze and water from engine. Currently step 3 thru 1,000,000. Taking trim off appears ok. Taking part cable connectors loosened was a little bit tricky. You just need to work at it slow. Some nuts and also bolts are difficult to gain to. I did buy a trim release kit which was cheap and also a retainer puller to pop the switch retainers. An excellent lighting is a must. I have actually a Quartz light stand with 2 fixtures. Flashlights, big and small. Socket collection standard and metric. What I have now is a dash that is pulled away from fire wall. I cannot pull heater core assembly the end far enough to gain to the optimal bolts. I have removed all bolts under the hood, ns thought. My following step is to eliminate the fender liner i m sorry is situated in the fender well of the passenger front tire. This will provide me access to one an ext bolt i forgot to remove and I expect this will permit me to traction the heater main point assembly earlier far sufficient to remove the old core and install new. Ns will update as i go forward. So much I have actually spend 4 hours. I suspect an additional 4 to finish job. Don"t recognize yet.