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I have just to buy a 1997 Ford f-250 v 225K on it. Trans was rebuilt at 180k and also the truck operation out an excellent no inspect engine lights on or anything like that. But the owner stated I have to be getting approximately 18-20 mpg. I have actually 2 tanks and have shed through one tank and also 1/4 that the rear tank and also have only gone 289 miles. Other is wrong yet there room no fuel leaks that I deserve to see and the engine is to run great. The doesn"t smoke at all and there is no blow by as soon as you pull the oil cap from the valve cover. It has plenty that power and pick up. Were have to I start looking? I have actually never owned a desiel engine before. You re welcome help. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gifclayton97fordtruck
You"re not going to acquire 18-20. Not in the city anyway. I was told the too and also when I checked it, ns was about 12-14 when the truck was stock. I"ve since added a superchip and a tymar intake and it"s up to
17 currently in town. I"ve never teken a road pilgrimage with it so ns can"t relay any experiences there. It"s not exactly an economical vehicle, however it is fun.
197k miles. Downpipe, 3 means Superchip, Tymar intake, 35" Toyo open nation tires, wheels, and also high press fuel pump modification. Texas legitimate exhaust
Thank you,How perform I attain the chip and also air intake? to be is the ideal place to acquisition these things.Clayton
With the winter fuel in mine, I get 15-16 on strictly highway steering under 70 mph. If it is a mix that intown and also a lot of tough stop and go I get down in the 12 mpg range. It all depends on how heavy your foot is. Ns have acquired 20 mpg prior to just putting around. It certain beats mine 454 though.
94 psd, F-350, crew-cab, 2wd, dually, 5-speed, south Bend Clutch, 4.10, 3"dp, 4"exh, Tymar intake, beans Tranny Saver Injectors, SuperChip, 216K miles91 F-250 4x4,7.3, 5-spd, banks Turbo, 4.10"s, 211k milesEast central KS
Since you"re brand-new to the truck, make sure you"re filling up both tanks every the way, occasionally they foam increase pretty quick and seem to it is in full...also tires size? gears?Good luck, you"ll choose the truck
1997 F250 4x4 extra cab 5 speed hands-on w/6" Tuff nation lift, 35" tires, Superlift Superrunner Steering System, AFE phase 2 Intake, 4" exhaust w/downpipe no cat or muffler, EGT and rise gauges, 1.0 turbo real estate from Dale, 60hp DP Tuner chip!
when ns bought my used 97 I gained 11 come 13 mpg because that 10,000 miles, thinkng that was normal, then I readjusted the downpipe come the 3" round and also gutted cat and instantly I got 18 to 20 mpg on roadtrips and have been acquiring that on numerous 3000 mile trips.
1997 F-350 7.3 PSD XLT crewcab longbed, 4.10s minimal slip, 4 wheel drive through WARN manual hubs, auto trans, 120,900 miles, (bought in 2004 v 92K) Centurian model except exterior visor removed and tossed, van leveled through lowering rear leaf springs 3 inches for this reason this old man have the right to climb right into the bed, equivalent topper shell and also wrap about KargoMaster ladder rack, front press bar and front hitch, and it go faster due to the fact that it is red. TYMAR air, 3 customs magnaflow under pipe.sometimes pulling a 20 foot interstate 10K enclosed automobile hauler, 18 foot 10K flatbed, or 18 foot boat.1977 Ford F-250 2wd, 60 K initial miles, 400 cid1988 S-10 Blazer, everyday drivermy toy top top the farm- 1950 Ferguson TO-20 tractor

Holy crap. Ns don"t understand what ns am act different. If ns drive mine say in ~ 90k"s (50-55MPH) and also keep mine foot out of that on the highway I have actually goten up to 25.8 MPG. All I have is the cat removed, performance Muffler, 3" DP and K&N. Ns did have actually the Bully chip yet I sent it ago and am going to acquire TW chip soon. The Bully chip did set me just over 26 MPG.
2000 F350 Lariat 4X4 DRW Auto Bone stock 7.3 with just 126000. Life need to not be a journey to the grave through the on purpose of showin up safely in an attractive and also well preserved body, but rather come skid in sideways, searching rifle in one hand and shifter knob in the other, human body thoroughly used up, completely worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"
I had actually my mechanic placed in the enlarge downpipe out of the turbo and the superchip. The chip"s cool and also fun, yet on the highest setup of 110 hp, your mpgs go as fast as the speedometer. I save it on the lowest setting (60hp)It runs better that method in the mroning once cold anyway...The tymar intake came from beans diesel in murfreesboro tennessee every recomendation of Tim Miller, a contributer come this forum. That I placed in myself and it take it
20 minutes. I don"t have tools or time and also nowhere near the patience come do most of the stuff to these things so ns wuss out and also head come the mechanic. This forum, however, has been a great source of expertise for me as this is my very first diesel. Folks space cool and ready to help.

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197k miles. Downpipe, 3 means Superchip, Tymar intake, 35" Toyo open nation tires, wheels, and high push fuel pump modification. Texas legit exhaust
I have actually a "97 4X4 Crew cab w/4.11 differentials and I acquire 15.8 in town and around 17 top top the roadway at 72 and also below!

< QUOTE >Holy crap. I don"t recognize what i am act different. If i drive mine say in ~ 90k"s (50-55MPH) and keep my foot out of the on the highway I have actually goten up to 25.8 MPG. Every I have actually is the cat removed, performance Muffler, 3" DP and K&N. I did have actually the Bully chip yet I sent it ago and am going to obtain TW chip soon. The Bully chip did collection me simply over 26 MPG. That seems a little high come me. I would certainly be checking my speedometer calibration if ns were you. Although i WILL include that I can be wrong due to the fact that I never drive at 50-55 MPH for an extremely far. Mine might get up that high if i slowed down. Ns can gain upwards of 22-22.5 in ~ 70-75 MPH, however I"ve acquired 3:55 gears and I KNOW my speedo is not right so I"m not really gaining that high a milage. As soon as I get brand-new tires soon, I"m walk to execute the speedometer.Chris
1996 F250 XL 4X4 Automatic, 3:55 gears, constant cab. Cruise regulate mod. Huge tranny cooler. Autometer Phantom boost, pyro and tranny temp guages. Hypermax downpipe. Homemade open up air intake. TS 6 place chip. Sonnax valve and also tricumulator springs. Billit torque converter. 215,000 mile so far. Real TRUCKS DON"T wear BOW TIES !!
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