We can't figure out how to get the running lights to work on it the head lights work the blinkers and the brake lights work, but the front and back running lights don't. We have replaced the fuses and bulbs can't figure it out. Please help

Good morning,There is a fuse for the parking lights. I have attached a wiring diagram for you to view.Check the fuse for power on both sides. This is a power test, not a visual test.https://www.chathamtownfc.net/articles/how-to-check-wiringhttps://www.chathamtownfc.net/articles/how-to-check-a-car-fuseThe next stop is the headlight switch. Make sure there is power to the highlighted wire to the headlight switch.Roy



Rear parking lights won"t work on a 1996 Dodge Dakota. Turn signals work, and front parking lights work.

Check the wiring on the driver"s side near the end of the frame. Also, if the wiring is good, check the headlight switch and all fuses.
The rear lights have power when tested, but are not working. Is the ground wire the problem, and where is the ground wire located?
If you are getting power using a seperate test light, it could be a bad ground or the socket may be worn and the light itself isn"t making a good contact inside. Check that.
The brake lights don"t work, headlights, taillights don"t work, ABS light is on, door locks don"t work, Brake light is on tachometer (sp?) Don"t work. Gas gage don"t work. We have checked all fuses and they are good, put new headlight switch in, checked all power lines and we are getting power. Not sure where to go from here?
Lets start with an easy circuit and hope all the dead circuits have a common cause. Go right on the brake light switch and use a test light to check for 12 volts on one wire all the time, and 12 volts on the switched wire when you press the brake pedal. I"m going to search for a service manual to see the wire colors you"re after.
I found the wiring diagram. The first wire you want is pink / dark blue. That must have 12 volts all the time. Next is the white / tan. That one must have 12 volts when you press the brake pedal.
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If the bulbs are good, check the brake light switch. It"s attached to the brake pedal under the dash. Make sure you are getting power to the switch, and when the pedal is depressed, you have power out. Also, did you check the fuse?Let me know what you find.Joe
Hello,It sounds like you have a headlight switch that has failed, please check all fuses first here is a wiring diagram and guide that will help with the testing. See the image below.https://www.chathamtownfc.net/articles/how-to-use-a-test-light-circuit-testerPlease let me know what you findBest, Ken
Yes it is, car repair late night! Only on chathamtownfc.net, please let me know if you need anything else we are here to help.Best, Ken
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