This page attributes a perform of sample Alphabet Equations such together these common head-scratchers – 12 S of the Z and also 64 S ~ above a CB.

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What walk 12 S the the Z mean?

Challenge yourself or a group of friends/colleagues to settle these fun, team-building puzzles.

For each set of letters (initials) and also numbers, your job is to identify or decipher the common phrase come match.

The (eight) solutions deserve to be uncovered towards the bottom that this page – don’t scroll also quickly!


12 = S of the Z .64 = S top top a CB .7 = W the the AW .26 = l of the A .50 = S in the U.21 = D top top a D .3 = S and you’re O .88 = PK





< this an are has been left intentionally blank >







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Puzzle Answers

12 = indications of the Zodiac

64 = Squares top top a Checkers (or Chess) Board

7 = wonders of the old World

26 = letter of the Alphabet

50 = states in the Union

21 = Dots on a Dice

3 = Strikes and also You’re Out

88 = Piano Keys

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Alphabet Equations

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