Issue Date: March 22, 1963City: New York, NYPrinted By: office of Engraving and PrintingPrinting Method: Rotary pressPerforations: 11 x 10.5Color: Green
The 1963 1¢ Regular issue stamp depicts our nation’s seventh President, Andrew Jackson. This portrait was taken native a presidential medal draft by Mortiz Furst and also struck by the U.S. Mint in 1829. This rubber stamp was also issued together a rotary push coil, perforated 10 vertically.

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Andrew Jackson was born on march 15, 1767, in the Waxhaws area near the border in between North and South Carolina.
Jackson got a minimal education in a small “old field school.” when he was 13, Jackson join the American change as a courier along with his brothers Robert. The brothers were caught by brother troops and virtually starved to fatality while being held as prisoners of war. They contract smallpox and also were eventually released by their mother’s bargaining. Within a matter of month Jackson’s mother and brother died, leaving him an orphan at age 14. That bitterly resented the British for the remainder of his life.After functioning briefly together a saddle device and teacher, Jackson studied legislation in phibìc Carolina. Admitted to the bar in 1787, he became a effective frontier lawyer. Jackson quickly proved himself together a tough and also effective lawyer, often suggesting cases over land claims, assaults, and also battery. That went top top to offer as a delegate to the Tennessee constitution convention, offered as a U.S. Representative when Tennessee became a state, and then together a Tennessee supreme Court Judge.

In 1801, Jackson resumed his military career as soon as he was appointed colonel the the Tennessee militia. Leading the Tennessee militia, U.S. Troops, Cherokee, Choctaw, and also Southern Creek Indians, Jackson beat the Red pole Creeks in ~ the battle of Horseshoe bending in 1814. He had another far-ranging victory in January 1815 in ~ theBattle of new Orleans. His heroics in over there earned the the recognition of Congress and a gold medal.
During the first Seminole battle Jackson took regulate of Pensacola, Florida removed the Spanish governor, and also tried and executed 2 British topics who had been help the Indians strike his men. Story of Jackson’s ruthlessness spread out through the Seminole tribes and created an global incident. Secretary the State john Quincy Adams supported him and also urged Spain to defend or cede the area come the U.S. Together a result, the U.S. Obtained the Florida territory through the Adams-Onis Treaty.
In 1824, Jackson ran because that president. Despite he had the most popular votes, he didn’t have a majority, therefore the decision was left come the residence of Representatives, i beg your pardon selected man Quincy Adams. Jackson thought it was a “corrupt bargain.” This didn’t deter him and he ran again, and also won, in 1828.
Jackson’s inauguration to be the first presidential inauguration open up to the public. V Jackson’s election, a brand-new era in political philosophy was introduced: the Jacksonian Democracy. Jackson aimed to present equality because that the usual man, i beg your pardon he accomplished in part by widening voting rights to encompass all white masculine adults, quite than simply landowners. This in component helped him attain his goal of increasing public participation in government. In 1835, Jackson successfully lowered the commonwealth debt to just $33,733.05, that is lowest since 1791.
Jackson protest the 2nd Bank the the unified States, vetoed its request for a re-charter, and had all U.S. Government funds eliminated to various other banks. Climate in 1836, he presented the Specie Circular, requiring world who bought government land to pay in specie (gold or silver coins). The financial institutions did no have sufficient specie, developing a greater need that might not be filled. The banks that can not administer the money closed, leading to the panic of 1837, and a depression the lasted because that years.
Jackson was additionally faced with an additional crisis when in office – the Nullification dilemm or Secession crisis of 1828-32. Part people believed that high tariffs (the Tariff the Abominations) on european imports made those very same goods an ext expensive 보다 those from the north states, which elevated the price the southerly planters paid. Southerners felt that these high tariffs benefited north industrialists when hurting southerly farmers. Jackson said Congress that “The Constitution… creates a federal government not a league…To speak that any kind of State may at pleasure secede native the Union is to say the the United claims is not a nation.” as soon as the protectionists agreed come a deteriorate Tariff, they retracted their Nullification Ordinance.
One of the many controversial concerns of Jackson’s management was his policy concerning American Indians. If Jackson claimed it to be “unjust to compel the aborigines to give up the graves of your fathers and also seek a house in a distant land,” he additionally believed the “if they remain within the borders of the says they must be topic to your laws.” In 1830, that signed the Indian removed Act, giving the chairman the government to negotiate the acquisition of Indian floor in the eastern in exchange for lands west that the U.S. Border.
This law was unpopular in the North, yet Southerners sustained it because of recent explorations of gold on Cherokee land. A meeting between Cherokee john Ridge and U.S. Politicians resulted in the contract of brand-new Echota, which numerous Indians rejected since they did not check out Ridge together their leader. Martin van Buren then sent 7,000 troops to eliminate the Cherokees, bring about over 4,000 Cherokee deaths follow me the “Trail that Tears.” In the end, over 45,000 American ind were moved west, with the U.S. Government purchasing virtually 100 million acres of Indian floor plus second 32 million acres of west land.

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In 1837, Andrew Jackson retired to his Nashville home, The Hermitage. Even in retirement, he was an energetic voice in American politics. He had a large role in both the Martin van Buren’s presidential campaigns, the very first of which valve Buren won. Jackson helped in the acquisition of Texas and also was a strong supporter of future president James K. Polk. Jackson passed away on June 8, 1845, from tuberculosis and heart failure.