The amount of water to make the bottle could be up to six or 7 times what"s within the bottle, follow to the Water Footprint Network. Steven Depolo/Flickr hide caption

The amount of water to make the bottle could be up to six or 7 times what"s inside the bottle, follow to the Water Footprint Network.

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Steven Depolo/Flickr

Environmental activists have long claimed that bottled water is wasteful. Usually, they allude to the approximately 50 billion (mostly plastic) bottles we throw far every year.

The worldwide Bottled Water Association, ever sensitive to criticism that it"s wasting priceless resources, has commissioned its an initial ever study to figure out just how much water walk into developing one liter. The results, released this month, present that because that North American companies, that takes 1.39 liters to make one liter of water.

That"s less than the global averages the a liter the soda, which needs 2.02 liters that water. A liter the beer, meanwhile, requirements 4 liters of water, wine needs 4.74 liters. Tough alcohol, it turns out, is the greediest, guzzling 34.55 liters the water for every liter.

This, the bottled water market says, is evidence that that is product isn"t for this reason bad. "Bottled water commodities are extremely efficient in regards to water use compared to some other packaged beverages," states Chris Hogan, spokesman because that the international Bottled Water Association.

But water activists to speak the IBWA study highlights a difficulty throughout the beverage industry: couple of companies take the whole water-use picture into account as soon as calculating their water use. Just as service providers are start to calculate your carbon footprint, they also need to analyze their water footprints come find avenues for conservation.

Bottled water suppliers (along with countless other beverage companies) should include the water in your supply chain, claims Ertug Ercin v the Water Footprint Network. Ercin says a true water footprint includes all freshwater provided in production, including the water used for packaging.

"Packaging makes a significant footprint," that says, adding that 3 liters the water could be offered to do a half-liter bottle. In other words, the quantity of water going into making the bottle could be up to six or 7 times what"s inside the bottle.

Drilling for oil to make plastic, Ercin says, provides a comprehensive amount the groundwater. And you require water to do the paper, too, the adds.

Still, Ercin notes, bottled water packaging uses far less water 보다 soda, which demands extra water to flourish sugar and make dyes.

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Hogan says that one factor why the IBWA didnt look at these worries is that it"s hard to recognize where to stop. "You might extrapolate that advertisement infinitum," that says.

Hogan states some service providers say lock don"t think castle can acquire any much more efficient, but they"re trying. "Water," Hogan says," is the lifeblood the the industry and they desire to be as efficient as possible."