Okay...Yesterday afternoon I visited leave work and found myself in the good cranking yet no start scenario. I automatically started processing the possible causes and it came down to ignition or fuel delivery.I went ago up to mine office and also began researching and found numerous forum threads indigenous multiple resources that spicy to either the pump chin or the relay. The main problem being my location/distance from home/tools and restricted amount of sources on-board also as ease of access in downtown Dallas.I make a trip via train come the nearest auto components store the was the shortest prevent from the train stop and also while there, i purchased 2 cans of starter fluid, electrical tape and also a comfortable 10-foot retractable test lead with alligator clips.When i got back to mine office I started troubleshooting and also through process of illumination the issue came down to fuel delivery as the engine would certainly start when spraying the stater fluid into the accelerator body. I then went back to my office and also searched YouTube for videos on replacement of the fuel pump so I might make a perform of needed tools for my son to lug out to carry out the pump instead of on-site. I additionally came across this video.

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While watching that video he showed a schematic that the fuel pump relay and he explained which cable on i beg your pardon plug on the fuse crate was the warm (14-gauge eco-friendly w/ Yellow Stripe) that went to the fuel pump. Climate it suddenly hit me. I have the right to unplug it, closely expose few of wire and also using the test lead i purchased, I might validate/invalidate if the failure was the relay or the pump by to run power right to the pump and also bypassing the relay.I took a small file clamp, removed one of the silver- finger tabs and shaped it to fit within the plug of the DG/YE plug itself. (https://cdnimg.webstaurantstore.com/images/products/medium/234014/1258245.jpg)Once I had actually pushed my check clip in ns then clipped one of the alligator clips come it and then exposed several of the insulation the the hot lead coming off a tobacco lighter plug from an accessory and also clipped the other finish of the test bring about it.

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She cranked and tried momentarily come start however didn"t. Ns then figured that the plug necessary to be plugged into the fuse crate to complete some type of circuit for the PCM or ??I plugged it earlier into the fuse box v the test command still attached and also gave her a crank.VAAAROOOOM! SUCCESS!She idled just fine and I didn"t have any fires or explosions
I had just showed that the pump to be good, the relay to be bad and found a way to obtain myself home all in one fell swoop.I burned up two cigarette lighter adapters on the way home as result of both the street from home and the amount of voltage being drawn through too little of gauge wire for the adapters yet at the very least I wasn"t grounding in the middle of downtown Dallas over-night, didn"t have actually to call a tow or leaving her behind and come earlier to a, most-likely broken into Expo.Once I obtained home, ns made a heavier-duty lead making use of 14-gauge wire and also larger alligator clips so the I can finish out my week and also come up with a better long-term solution.That gift said, ns think I"ve figured the out.Replacing that fuel pump relay is not simple task as it requires totally uninstalling the entire fuse box, then very closely dismantling/opening the "clam-shell" design, then de-soldering the OEM relay, soldering in the replacement relay climate reassembly and also finished off with re-installation right into the truck.I"ve determined to usage a standard yet HEAVY DUTY relay, powered off a switched lead to bypass the OEM relay however also, download a surprise toggle move so i can basically use this re-engineered architecture as one anti-theft device.Thank girlfriend for reading this write-up and also any comments/suggestions/advice is the course, welcomed.