How Does Thermal Termite Treatment Work?

If you suspect termites are destroying the integrity of your home, then you need to consider the benefits of comprehensive thermal termite treatment. This is an effective way to eliminate troublesome pests from your home, and it is relatively easy to carry out.


First, the termite heat treatment professional will come out to your property to inspect the premises. Once the extent of the infestation has been determined, the specialist will tell you what items need to be taken out of certain rooms.

Hot Air

Green Heat SD of San Diego states that once every room has been thoroughly prepared, the thermal treatment for termites will begin. Hot air will be blown throughout your house. This treatment generally raises the air to be around 120 to 140 degrees.   By raising the temperature this high, it will kill the termites as long as they are exposed to it for about 35 minutes. This form of organic termite control can be carried out in less than a day and is extremely efficient in exterminating termites.

Many homeowners have utilized the power of thermal termite treatment to make their home comfortable once again. You can call a pest specialist to come out to your home to see if this procedure is ideal for you, and you can get started right away.